The Kaaba tawaf project


As known one of five principles of Islam is Hajj. Every Muslim should try to make the Hajj once in their live time. Rituals of the Hajj include walking seven times around the Ka’bah. But capacity of the Hajj is limited maximum three million people and very difficult today according to most Hajj organizations. Saudi government started to build new Jamarat Bridge Project, right after Hajj stampede: 244 pilgrim’s dead February 01, 2004 incident. Saudi news resource reports that new Nine -story Jamarat Bridge will accommodate 9 million pilgrims per day.
That will be a huge problem in future. When any event happens at the Holly place it’s deeply impressing for all of us, around the world. My personal research I did not found any plans for the future taking this in consideration of these circumstances.  I created the Ka’bah Tawaf project idea I am proposing from now on.


This project will increase tawaf area at least seven times more


How could be possible?


  • This project could be build in three different types except the bridges.
  • Permanet.
  • Portable.
  • Lift up-down whit hydraulic system.
  • Permanent. Concrete or iron framing structure modified slightly ramped. Kaabah will appear from each point.
  • Portable, iron framing structure. Rebuild before hajj remove unit end of hajj.
  • Lift up-down whit hydraulic-columns supporting horizontal floor slabs. Hajj seasons only. Shown on diagrams .All purposes will be the same choices are up to the authorities.
  • Cable stayed bridges will be helpfull for connections for pilgrims who arrive to circle tawaf unit from different locations in the city. Ground floor will be designed path ways same as bridges.
  • When pilgrims complited there're tawaf must exit in to city.

How could be possible?


  • Increase the capacity of the tawaf by seven times higher. This will create huge amount of prayer area.
  • Existing prayer area will be same except columns. This system will be used during Hajj season only.
  • One division of each bridges path way optionally dedicated for VIP. Security,
    emergencies purposes or just female pilgrims.
  • Top floor multi purposes area allows for example firs aid water, portable W.C if require or helicopter landing path (if needed).
  • Side elevators will allow quick access to each floor (emergencie cases).
  • Covering bridges by tent or some other materials will protect the pilgrims from the sun.
  • The proposed minarets on each corner of the bridges, designed to be the highest minarets in the world with rich Islamic architectural elements for sight view of Makkah.